Taking into account the evolution of the health situation on the event’s date, all necessary measures will be taken to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Ride Across Portugal experience in complete safety:

  • The number of participants is limited to 60 athletes
  • The entire Ride Across Portugal caravan is protected by a "Security Shell" plan, complying with rules that limit contacts with people and entities external to the event, according to the model applied in professional cycling events accredited by the UCI.

At Ride Across Portugal, the organization will follow this model, replicating the plan that was successfully applied on the last two editions of Tour of Portugal (the most important UCI pro cycling competition in Portugal).

  • At the accreditation on day “0”, each participant is required to present a negative result to COVID 19, in a PCR test done within a maximum of 5 days before the start date of the event.
  • At the accreditation, each participant is submitted to a rapid test (antigen test). In case the result of this test is positive or inconclusive, the participant will be submitted to a confirmation PCR test.
  • During the entire event, each participant must adopt a permanent preventive attitude (wearing a certified mask and hand hygiene).
  • Each athlete must wear a certified mask all time throughout the event. During the stages, participants may not wear a mask while they are cycling, however they will have to carry it in their pocket since during stops at pit stops or in other situations that require stopping (mechanical assistance or medical assistance) each participant must permanently use the mask.
  • Before all stages, each athlete is submitted to a temperature test.
  • In case of presenting any suspicious symptom, the participant will be submitted to a rapid test (antigen test). If the result of this test is positive or inconclusive, the particiant will be submitted to a confirmation test (PCR).
  • In case of a COVID 19 test positive result, the participant must immediately obey the isolation rules. The costs related to these isolation measures (accommodation, food, travel and others) must be supported by the participant. Each participant is advised to get a travel insurance in advance to cover this type of situation.

        With the registration, each participant can purchase the RAP Premium Travel Insurance, that covers the expenses                  related with this situation.

  • The entire Ride Across Portugal organization fully respects the rules defined by national and international Public Health entities
  • All staff members comply with all general health and safety rules, and with the rules defined by the Safety Shell model prepared by the organization for the event.
  • All staff members comply with the rules applied to the participants exposed in this list.
  • All Ride Across Portugal hotels are certified with the “Safe and Clean” official label.

Depending on the evolution, and if there is a proven positive situation at the event’s date, some of these measures may not be necessary.