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Covid 19

Despite all our effort and preparation to organize Ride Across Portugal 4th Edition safely on the dates scheduled for 2021, a several reasons that are out of our responsibility prevent us from doing the event.

The global health situation is severely constraining most participants from travelling out of their countries, including flying to Portugal, and it is not expected that the situation will be normalized in May. This makes it impossible for participants to prepare their journeys. For the organisation it's also impossible to guarantee hotel reservations and other essential services for the event.

In addition, the Portuguese government and health authorities announced the measures for the coming months, with the imposition of severe limitations on the organisation of events for amateurs. It is still not possible to get from those authorities the necessary legal permits to hold the event in May.

Although we are now better prepared to work in a unpredictability context, the complexity that involves an event like the Ride Across Portugal requires a preparation that is not possible to do without these guarantees.

The possibility of postponing the event for a date after the summer, still in 2021, was also considered. However, crossing Portugal in September or October is not the same experience of doing it in May, where spring offers perfect weather conditions for cycling and above all provides landscapes and sceneries incomparable with the other seasons of the year. Furthermore, unfortunately all signs point to the maintenance of the unpredictability, keeping the risk of scheduling events until the end of 2021.

So, the organization was forced to postpone the Ride Across Portugal 4th edition to May 2022. The dates are already confirmed – From 15th to 22nd May 2022.

We regret this situation, hoping that next year we can all celebrate the Ride Across Portugal without restrictions, recovering the best moments of our lives.

Until then we will keep working to make an even better Ride Across Portugal in 2022.