The organisation will arrange a bus transfer associated with bicycle transport from Lisbon and Porto for the start of the race on May 16th and the end (Algarve) to Lisbon and Porto on May 22rd.

Ride Across Portugal® is an event open to everyone born prior to May 17, 2003.

Included in each athlete’s registration is also the offer of a personalized travel bag with the event logo, the use of which will be mandatory for all participants. This will be the only bag the organisation assures transport for in every stage, from the departure hotel to the hotel of arrival.

The bicycle bag or box, as well as the baggage that the participant brought from his / her place of origin will be transported by the organization directly from the beginning (Chaves) to the end of the last stage (Altura). During the stages participants don't have access to these packages.

There will be signals along the course of each stage. However GPS is strongly recommended to safely and reliably carry out the entire course of each stage.

The registration of the course by the GPS is also essential for the athlete's time recording in the timed courses, if the athlete chooses to participate in the competitive component (timed sections).

Yes, during each stage there will be mechanical assistance teams circulating among the athletes that will try to solve the kind of problems capable of being solved in an event dynamics like this one. Excluded from these teams’ scope of work are basic interventions such as hole punching and other minor interventions that will have to be solved by participants, who will have to safeguard the good condition of their bicycle and its components before departure for each stage and also ensure transport and handling of replacement and repair material, such as chambers and pump, during stages.
In addition to this basic support service, athletes may subscribe as an extra, the "Premium Mechanical Assistance" service, ensuring more personalized support at the end of each stage.This service is made by professional mechanics after each stage.

The event is supported by a medical team that will move along the course, giving support to any eventual urgent situation that may arise each day.