General Information


Registrations are limited and are available HERE.

Each athlete's, or their companions, registration is validated only after the payment be made. In case of withdrawal there is a reimbursement plan of part of the amount already paid (see "WITHDRAWALS" below).



WHEN can I register

Registrations are open. There are 2 registration periods, with consequent price changes. Registrations confirmed before April 1st, 2021 can be made at a discounted price.

Registrations close on April 30th, 2021 or earlier if the limited number of participants is reached.




2021 Ride Across Portugal's® registrations are limited to 100 athletes




In addition to a complete Ride Across Portugal's registration, participants can alternatively register for just one of the two shorter versions of the event, choosing the first three stages (RAP North) or the last three stages (RAP South).

So, there are 3 different possibilities to register on Ride Across Portugal:

- Ride Across Portugal – Full version (6 stages)

- Ride Across Portugal – North (3 stages)

- Ride Across Portugal – South (3 stages)​




An alternative way of splitting the total registration cost in 3 payments iIs available:


1st PAYMENT Registration Date
2nd PAYMENT 31/03/2021
3rd PAYMENT 30/04/2021


This option is only available on the registration's pack payment. Any extra services payments should be made at once, when paying for one of the three registration's phase. However, some extras, like Single Room Supplement or the Companion Pack, are subject to a limited number of places, so they can be not available at later dates. We advised to subscribe the extras with the first payment.



two element teams (relays)

Participants will be able to enroll in "doubles" - teams with 2 athletes - splitting the course of each stage by both of them, with the relay location defined by the organisation in each stage.

The entry fee for participants in Double Teams is the same as the individual participation fee.

Participants in Double Teams will have to move during the stages by their own means (from the beginning of the stage to the relay area and from this point to the end of the stage, always safeguarding the rules of the race, especially regarding the circulation of vehicles in the middle of the athletes.

Participants in Double Teams who wish to contract transfers, to and from, these relay points in each stage should contact the organisation by email:




The organisation keeps a limited number of places for companions.

These, however, must move through the stages by their own means of transportation, always respecting the rules in particular regarding the movement of foreign vehicles in the middle of the athletes and the dynamic support during the stages.

The organisation will provide touristic information to help the athlete's companions planning each day's visit to the best spots along the course.




During registration, and beyond the basic registration pack, participants can subscribe some extra services:

• Single Room Accommodation Pack
• Transfers
• Massage Pack
• Premium Mechanic Pack




Information and subscription of customised packs and upgrade services like:

• Customised transfers
• Customised massage service
• Bicycle unpacking, assembly, disassembly and packing
• Transfer and Tours for companions
• Extra nights and other programs before and after the event

Contact the organisation by email:




The organisation offers special conditions and fees for groups, teams, travel agencies and tour operators.

Please request more information by email:




The registration of each rider or companion is validated only after the payment made by credit card on the secure payment platform in the end of the online registration process.

Withdrawals undertaken before the beginning of the event must be communicated to the organization by email to

In case of withdrawal there is a reimbursement plan of part of the amount already paid.

• Withdrawals communicated before 12:00 pm January 31st, 2021:
Non-refundable fee: 300,00€

• Withdrawals communicated between 12:00 pm January 31st and 12:00 pm April 30th, 2021:
Non-refundable fee: 50% of the total amount already paid for the complete pack and all the extra services.

• Withdrawals communicated after 12:00 pm April 30th, 2021:
There will be no refunds of any amount already paid.




A registration can be transferred to another athlete if the transfer request and the the new athlete's data are communicated to the organisation, by e-mail to, before 12:00 pm April 30th 2021.

After this date no transfer registration requests are accepted.




It is highly recommended that each participant take his or her own individual cancellation insurance in order to have the possibility to claim their entry and extra services fees back, if they are not able to participate in the event due to medical, injury or any other valid cancellation reason.

Athletes must directly contact the insurance company on their own countries to guarantee the price and conditions for this insurance.