Stage 6
Stage 6 / Monchique - Porches / 57 km / 20 May
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Monchique is a village in the Algarve, located in a countryside mountain area, surrounded by trees and with stunning views up a good part of the Algarve coast. It's a quiet village, known for its thermal waters with healing powers.

The Romans were the first to discover Monchique and its magical waters. Later in the Islamic period the town was famous for the production of honey and arbutus.

Today it's considered as an Oasis, where it is possible to rest and walk in a peaceful atmosphere, escaping the bustle of the beaches, even on the hottest summer days.

At about 450 meters above sea level, the village of Monchique is a living example of Algarve mountain life.

Monchique is about 35-45 minutes (by car) from Portimão, Lagos or Carvoeiro, which gives the possibility to stay in a mountainous area, being close to the beautiful beaches of the Algarve.

Senhora da Rocha (Porches)

Porches, where the Senhora da Rocha Hermitage is located, is the area of the Algarve coast where are located some of the most prestigious accommodation units and restaurants of this portuguese south region.

The fantastic sceneries are composed of cliffs and protected beaches, from where small boats daily leave to catch the fresh fish which is the basis of some of the best specialties from the Algarve cuisine, cooked by the chefs with Michelin stars of the restaurantes of  this area.

It’s here where the Senhora da Rocha Hermitage is located. A rocky spur that advances over the sea, having been a place of worship for Visigoths and Muslims. It was also used with military purposes, as a fortress to defend against pirate attacks.

The big 1755 earthquake destroyed most of the structures built here, sparing only the chapel, which is dated to the 13th century. However this is the date of his construction, it has capitals with a Visigothic origin (3rd - 4th centuries) in its arches.

This chapel still exists, preserving the mysticism of this place.

It’s in this scenery, where the land ends and the sea begins, in one of the most iconic places on the Portuguese coast, where the RAP participants will finish the last stage and will celebrate the conquest of the challenge that took them to discover Portugal, from north to south.


The last stage is shorter and easier, recovering from the previous day's effort. A celebration stage that allows everyone to arrive earlier and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the arrival and the conviviality between the entire caravan around the conquest of this challenge.

Despite her shorter distance, this stage is quite interesting. The departure from Monchique Resort will certainly be marked by everyone's desire to return to this paradise, a real oásis located a short distance from the hustle and bustle of the beaches and tourist spots on the Algarve coast.

After descending the Monchique montain, the participants ride  the first kilometers on the challenging road that follows the right bank of the dam and Ribeira de Odelouca.

The only pit stop of this stage is located in the iconic city of Silves, where history has strong marks, in special with the heritage of the Arab culture.

One of the most emblematic and spectacular scenery of the Portuguese Atlantic coast welcomes the end of Ride Across Portugal. The Srªa da Rocha Chapel, perched on a spectacular cliff above the sea, will be the unforgettable setting for all participants to celebrate the conquest of Ride Across Portugal.

On the nearest cliff (300 m from the finish line) is located the Hotel Pestana Viking. A four-star hotel, on a fantastic spot over the sea. After to take the recovery meal and to pack the bicycles, it´s time to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool or the terraces to relax and socialize before the closing dinner/party and trophy ceremony.

Villa Caldas de Monchique Thermal Spa Resort

 The Villa Caldas de Monchique Thermal Spa Resort is a special place, with a unique atmosphere, where history and charm come together with the natural scenery where it is implemented.

Located in the heart of the Monchique mountain, this exclusive Thermal Resort has four hotels, operating in restored historic buildings. In addition to the hotels, it is possible to enjoy an Outdoor Thermal Water Pool, a Thermal Spa Resort, Restaurants, Shops and a Wine Bar.

Along its 39 hectares, streams run with the world-famous Monchique Water which, thanks to its super alkaline ph of 9.5, is a proven source of vitality.

This is the best place to celebrate the conquest of the Super Stage, recovering to the last stage on the next day.

Pestana Viking Hotel

The Pestana Viking is a 4-star clifftop hotel in Porches-Armação de Pêra, in the Algarve, 2 minutes on foot from Senhora da Rocha beach. It’s one of the most sought-after areas in the Algarve. The hotel is surrounded on three sides by the sea and big gardens. Palm trees and green grass lead the way to the beach.

The outdoor saltwater swimming pool is surrounded by a spectacular lawn overlooking the sea.

The rooms have views of the sea or the wonderful gardens, each equipped with Wi-Fi and a private balcony.

Pestana Viking will host the entire Ride Across Portugal caravan after the end of the last stage. After to take the recovery meal and to pack the bicycles, all the participants will enjoy the amazing spaces offered by this hotel. The beach, the swimming pool or the terraces are the perfect spots to relax and socialize before the closing dinner/party and trophy ceremony.