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The historic city of Chaves, close to the Spanish border and famous for its thermal waters, welcomes Ride Across Portugal' caravan on this “0” day.

The Registration Office, as well as all logistics is based in the official hotel of the event - Hotel Chaves Premium.

After receiving their welcome and accreditation, each participant receives his Ride Across Portugal's kit:

  • Track GPX of all steps 100L
  • Custom Travel Bag (Official Bag)
  • Official Jersey Ride Across Portugal 2021
  • Official Polo Ride Across Portugal 2021

Athletes' bikes are assembled by themselves in a dedicated space with the support of specialised mechanics.

In the briefing of this day zero will be given important information about the whole event. This is the best time for participants to have the answers to their latest questions.

All of each participant's equipment, as well as each participant's bicycle boxes or cases, is delivered to the organisation are handed over to the Organization, which will return them at the end of the last leg.

The welcome dinner, based on local gastronomy, is the best opportunity to start connecting with all your companions in this unforgettable challenge.




The course of this 1st stage is a magical journey through the mountains of northern Portugal and the Douro River, among the World's Oldest Demarcated Wine Region with its typical vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.

And it is precisely on the banks of the river Douro that the whole entourage spends the night, at the end of an unforgettable 1st day, in the surprising High Performance Sports Center of Pocinho, located next to the Dam with the same name.

A taste of Douro and Porto wines before dinner is the best way to celebrate the end of the stage and to keep forever the memories of this region.





On the second day, one of the most special Ride Across Portugal's stages awaits all participants.

The arrival at Alto da Torre (1,993m high) - the same iconic Volta a Portugal's queen stage finish - makes this an unforgettable stage. Not only due to its difficult challenge and need for personal overcoming, but also for Serra da Estrela's landscapes and unique images.

But before arriving at this highly symbolic cycling spot in Portugal, the athletes will travel through some of the wildest and most spectacular landscapes in this country, with the final ascent being done through the fantastic Zêzere Glacier Valley.

The connection between Alto da Torre and the city of Covilhã, which hosts the end of this stage, is made in constant descent (about 20 km) through a breathtaking landscape.

Many stories of the day are shared among all participants during dinner, which will be served in the cozy and comfortable Pura Lã Hotel - Wool Valley Hotel & Spa, which welcomes the brave climbers after their long downhill descent from the Tower to Covilhã.





Despite this 3rd Stage being a recovery stage, considering the high mountain journey of the previous day, it's far from being flat and monotonous.

On this day, Ride Across Portugal is mostly traveled on the beautiful and undulating roads of Beira Baixa.

But it is also noteworthy the crossing of the Tagus River (the largest in Portugal) just in front of "Portas do Rodão" a spectacular natural granite monument, offering athletes the view of one of the most iconic postcards of our country.

At the end of the stage it is time not only to enjoy the History, but to experience it in person, whilst recovering in the medieval atmosphere of Pousada da Flor da Rosa, based in the medieval Monastery of the same name.





Purposely shorter, this 4th stage, in addition to allowing athletes to recover from the effort accumulated in the previous days, enables the early arrival at the end of the stage, where participants are welcomed in Évora early in the afternoon.

The typical undulating landscape of Alentejo, with its cornfields and cork oak framed roads, is sometimes contrasted by the dams' water mirrors crossed along the route.

Avis, Pavia and Arraiolos are some of the most emblematic and historical cities and towns of Alentejo, visited in this 4th stage.

The city of Évora, has like no other place, the history, culture, gastronomy and a unique atmosphere that makes it, one of the main tourist attractions of this country.

Vila Galé Évora Hotel is the perfect place to rest and recover for the two remaining stages to the end.





The longest leg of Ride Across Portugal is filled with some of the most emblematic landscapes of Alentejo.

The color palette that paints this region in Spring, will be the main setting for this stage, and one of the main rewards for athletes who will once again cross over this region.

Finally, participants will be waiting for a surprising scenario offered by the old Minas de S. Domingos, next to which is the Alentejo Star Hotel, that will host the end of the stage.

It is in this magical environment, where the Alentejo calmness surrounds the Tapada Grande dam, that participants will spend the last night of Ride Across Portugal, under one of the most starry skies in the world.


The S. Domingos Mines

The mine and its village of São Domingos are an old mining complex, connected to Pomarão Port, on the Guadiana river, by a 15 km long reduced railway.

The mining tradition in the area of ​​São Domingos dates back to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians and, the Romans after these, being its main objective the extraction of copper, gold and silver.

Today this place has become a pleasant leisure destination, with the Tapada Grande River Beach as an unavoidable spot, especially on hot spring and summer days.


The Guadiana river and the Ocean


The 6th and final stage of Ride Across Portugal best closes this challenge.

The Guadiana River is the highlight on this first part of the stage, with the course accompanying the winding path of the river that separates Portugal from Spain, providing fun and challenging moments on the bike.

Mértola and Alcoutim, both situated on the banks of this river, are among the most beautiful villages in Portugal, being other highlights of this stage.

Still with the mind processing the images of the Guadiana and the special atmosphere of these two villages, it is now turn to leave the river and head to the sea, on the south coast of Portugal.

A constant soft rollercoaster brings participants to the place where land meets the sea.

Where the Atlantic blue serves as background for the celebration of this challenging conquest. Also by the sea is the final party that will consecrate as a winner every athlete finishing the race, and among these the fastest woman and man athletes' crowned as Ride Across Portuga's King and Queen.

More than just six days crossing a whole country from north to south, this is an unforgettable journey full of challenges and personal overcoming. And above all, a week full of conviviality, emotions and the sharing of a common passion with people from all over the world.