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The Portuguese Touch
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Scenic roads and extraordinary landscapes

The six stages of the new Ride Across Portugal's® course enable participants to explore some of the coolest and most scenic roads you can find in Portuguese landscape.

Alto da Torre, the highest point in mainland Portugal (1,993m altitude) located in Serra da Estrela is probably the most iconic cycling scenery in Portugal. This venue, usually the scene of the most mythical arrivals of Tour of Portugal's Queen stages, will also be the end of one of the timed sectors of the 2nd Ride Across Portugal's® stage.

Also the main Portuguese rivers will also be part of the scenery, providing all participants with unforgettable images. Particularly during the last stage, with much of the route drawn on the banks of the Guadiana River, which will be the best way to cap the six days of this magnificent challenge.

The Art of Welcoming

There is a typical Portuguese way of doing things, which has to do with the art of welcoming. A sympathy and willingness to help all those who come from abroad is intrinsic to any Portuguese and only just by being here, will you be able to understand and experience what 'The Portuguese Touch' is all about.

So, besides the challenge of participating in Ride Across Portugal® as an athlete, or as companion, you can taste some of the best experiences that Portugal has to offer.

In the end of each stage you can feel the ambience of some of Portugal's most iconic and historic spots, villages and cities, where Culture, History and the fantastic gastronomy are waiting to reward your effort expended during the day.

During each stage, you can also enjoy our landscapes and challenging roads. The pit stops (feed stations) are usually located in cities and villages' centres offering most of them, besides energetic food, also some famous and typical pastry and local gastronomic specialties, to athletes and their companions.

Much More Than Cycling

As well as offering the best comfort to recover from the demanding stages, the official Ride Across Portugal hotels are also an important part of the experience that we want you to get from your participation on the event.

The choice of some of the most iconic 4 and 5 stars hotels of Portugal, located in historic buildings or awarded with the best architectural trophies, offer a very exclusive and special experience, living the culture and history of Portugal.

The choice of hotels is based not only on quality, but also on its location, looking for proximity to the departures and arrivals of each stage, avoiding the need for car or bus transfers.


DIA 0 – Chaves - Hotel Premium Chaves

ETAPA 1 – Pocinho (V.N. Foz Côa) - Centro de Alto Rendimento do Pocinho

ETAPA 2 – Covilhã - Pura Lã Hotel

ETAPA 3 – Crato - Pousada Flor da Rosa

ETAPA 4 – Évora - Vila Galé Évora

ETAPA 5 – Mértola - Alentejo Star Hotel


Portuguese Gastronomy and wine - an uncharted territory worth exploring.

For most people, even for many wine experts, Portuguese wine is unknown territory. Besides Porto and the occasional bottle of Vinho Verde, this is your opportunity to explore everything else.

For serious wine lovers, Portugal is an exciting country to navigate, as here you will find grape varieties that really do not exist anywhere else in the world.

In recent years Portugal has become one of the most interesting wine producers in the world, with its wines winning several international trophies and gaining more and more fans around the world.

Ride Across Portugal® crosses some of the most famous demarcated wine regions in the country such as the Douro (The oldest demarcated region in the world!) or the Alentejo, where participants and their companions can taste some of the nectars that have placed Portugal at the top of the world. amongst wine producers.

To say that food is a big part of Portuguese life would be an understatement. The Portuguese love to eat, and they especially love to eat out.

Known for its wealth of seafood, spices and olive oil, Portuguese cuisine relies heavily on the Atlantic Ocean and the produce grown throughout the country. A journey through Portugal will bring you the likes of whole octopus slathered in olive oil, soups bobbing with beans and meat and francesinha sandwiches, puffed up with coin-size chorizo rounds. For dessert don’t the bite-size egg custards gently dusted with powdered sugar.