RIDE ACROSS PORTUGAL – EN2, The Mythical Road, 28th May till 3rd June 2017

Throughout 739 km, National Route 2 (Estrada Nacional 2 - EN2) follows the ever-changing landscape of Portugal from north to south. The route starts from the city of Chaves - deep in the rough landscape of Trás os Montes - and goes all the way down to Faro, where the visitor is faced by the azure sea of the Algarve. A long and intense journey awaits, meandering through valleys and hills across 8 regions, 11 distriticts, 35 municipalities, 4 mountain ranges, 11 rivers, and centuries of history.



Portugal’s interior has to this day kept every inch of its own identity. EN2 offers a unique gateway to such picturesque universe. It is in this very scenery where we shall discover an everlasting source of stories, far from crowded city centres. A land built by its people in between battles and conquests, myths and traditions, rooted in a soil that intertwines Celtic with Moorish heritage.



Such is the setting for the great challenge we are proud to present. From 28th May until 3rd June, those who accept it will face 5 stages, a total of 739 km, a gain of more than 8,600 m, timed segments and a most exciting environment. From the massage service at the end of each stage, to the recovery zones, to professional technical assistance, participants will be surrounded by the authentic spirit of an international, multiple stage road cycling event.



Ride Across Portugal is a lot more than the kilometres to ride. It is culture, gastronomy and history. It is both the individual experience of silence and achievement, and the collective sharing of experiences with cyclists from all over the world, not to mention, needless to say, the cold beer at the end of each stage!

This newsletter will be covering the preparation for the event, exploring stories, traditions, trivia and the wonderful landscape that every participant will enjoy along EN2, at Ride Across Portugal. Here you will be able to read about others taking the challenge as well as those behind the scenes. Week by week, you will find more and more reasons why, after completing the 739 km, you will want to start it over again.

Registrations and more information about Ride Across Portugal are available at www.rideacrossportugal.com. Follow us on www.facebook.com/rideacrossportugal.